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Wednesday, 24 October 2018

How to Build a Strong Portfolio Before Buying a Home at DNR Casablanca

Bangalore, over the years has encouraged realtors to come up with their respective projects for obvious reasons. The city enjoys great weather conditions and provides attractive job opportunities in the IT sector. DNR Casablanca by DNR Properties is one such project that is strategically located to perfection at Mahadevapura in Bangalore. Real estate property investments are long-term in nature. Such decisions should be carefully thought about before implementation. 

Dnr Casablanca is a new project in Mahadevapura Bangalore.
DNR Casablanca

With amenities and floor plans that suit every residential requirement, residents are eager than ever to partner with DNR Casablanca. The project comprises of high-rise architectural marvels ensuring stunning views of landscaped gardens surrounding the project. Mahadevapura houses some of the reputed IT tech parks that comprises of more than 30% of Bangalore’s working population. This is fantastic news for potential investors who are looking for profitable tenants for long-term gains. Before one makes a property investment, they should have a portfolio which comprises of various points that contribute to effective decision making. Lets now look at some crucial aspects that would help residents formulate a steady portfolio for profitable real estate investments.

Devise strategies to increase your earnings

Its important that residents formulate strategies that would enhance their earning power. Getting multiple educational degrees, having a steady career growth can contribute to great earning powers that will certainly come handy when a resident is keen on investing in properties.

Educate yourself- Read as much as you can about real estate investments

Be it any kind of investment, it is important that people educate themselves. As far as real estate investments are concerned, markets can fluctuate at regular intervals leading to uncertainties and risks. To avoid such unforeseen situations, it is crucial that investors read and research about real estate to have an in-depth knowledge about how things work and how crucial investments are for a profitable future.

Land Appreciation- Know about the location and its prospects

Before a property investment, it’s important that residents go to project locations and gauge overall property developments. Land growth never remains constant. Land appreciation is based on various aspects that eventually contribute to the credibility of the project. Having sound knowledge about the location and the benefits it offers can make investment decisions a lot easier.

Aim on a lower budget initially

Its always suggested that first-time property investors come up with a budget before they plan on meeting realtors for their property purchase needs. It is also suggested that residents plan on a lower budget than the proposed budget initially because the real estate is bound to develop in the years to come. Aiming exactly as the devised budget or way above it would null all the possibilities of future investment opportunities and residents may end up in a risk of getting house-poor.

Analyze current market prices and rental trends

To create a creative real estate portfolio, one has to create strategies so they could analyze current real estate price and market trends. Initially, in most of the emerging localities like Mahadevapura, the prices are quite nominal as opposed to prices in well established locations. It is crucial that residents grab on to such profitable opportunities before time runs out. Property investments are the most coveted form of investments and residents should realize this at a very early stage to avail benefits for a secured future.   

Saturday, 13 October 2018

Know About These 4 Pre-Requisites That Add Value To Your Dream Home

Property investments are sure to reap high rewards in the near future. To gather up on savings in the long run, residents are seeking out investment opportunities. People are now gradually transitioning effectively from living as tenants to first-time home owners. DNR Casablanca by DNR group is one such project that is strategically located at Mahadevapura in Bangalore. Mahadevapura has witnessed numerous realtors who have come up with fabulous residential spaces as the location is engulfed by reputed IT tech parks that increases the overall credibility of the project. This is a golden opportunity for key investors as they can find profitable clients in the near future. Price and other product deliverable are crucial for a successful investment, however, how does one add value to their property? 

Dnr casablanca is a new project in Mahadevapura Bangalore.
DNR Casablanca By DNR Group 

How do residents avail value-added services with respect to their purchase decision? One thing for sure is that residents should consider investing in emerging locations as opposed to established neighborhoods. The value added in emerging areas are considerably more when compared to locations that are already developed. Even the prices are nominal for profitable initial investments in areas that are gradually developing. Another important aspect that contributes to value for your property is a real-time experience of things. Here at DNR Casablanca, residents and investors are encouraged to come to the site for periodic visits so they can estimate overall property development from the conceptualization phase until completion. They can even experience the amenities, floor plans and design specifications before they even book units which establishes key relationships for profitable business prospects. Rest assured, residents who are willing to associate with Godrej Aqua are in for a treat.

Factors that influence overall value/credibility of the project

Boosting your home value is a pre-requisite for a fulfilling living experience. Residents should design a framework that encompasses all the aspects of a residential project that together help in increasing value associated with theproperty. Like the project location, amenities, floor plans and structural specifications, there are certain aspects that enhance or boost value of your own personal home.

Making the maximum use of the space available - Make your home appear larger and better

When a resident visits the site for the very first time to experience the floor plans and the space available, he/she analyzes the space that is available so they could utilize resources for a spacious living experience. Right here, the house they are willing to purchase empty and spacious. Residents should keep in mind that in order to give specific rooms a broader view, they would have to use as little as possible. For instance, the master bedrooms have closets under the room that occupies most of the space. As an alternative, residents can get rid of that extra stuff and plan to introduce mid-range closets that gives the room an elegant look.

Categorize your priorities - Scattered stuff can make your home look cramped

The amenities, floor plans and other benefits are external in nature. After you buya home for yourself, it’s all your doing whether you need to make the most of the space available. This brings in ways of how you can effectively categorize your priorities. For instance, everyone knows how playful children and pets are. They tend to scatter their stuff all around the house which may make the house look cramped. To avoid such situations, residents can incorporate medium-range closets to store everything that is minimal in nature. The perspective has to change to look at your space from a different angle.

Match the interiors to the exteriors

Regardless of the features available at the residential project, it is your decision to design your home based on your convenience after your move in. However, it is important to match your home d├ęcor to how the pristine exteriors. Make sure ventilation within your space is clearly given more importance which gives your home a retreat-like feeling. Incorporate a eco-friendly environment be making the windows shiny to invite birds, get rid of the excess dirt in corners and have a constant check on the wood that is utilized within the property and replace it with new furniture as you deem fit.

Considering all these factors, residents are sure to add undying value to their home which is great for a king-like living experience.   

How to Build a Strong Portfolio Before Buying a Home at DNR Casablanca

Bangalore, over the years has encouraged realtors to come up with their respective projects for obvious reasons. The city enjoys great we...