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How to Build a Strong Portfolio Before Buying a Home at DNR Casablanca

Bangalore, over the years has encouraged realtors to come up with their respective projects for obvious reasons. The city enjoys great weather conditions and provides attractive job opportunities in the IT sector. DNR Casablanca by DNR Properties is one such project that is strategically located to perfection at Mahadevapura in Bangalore. Real estate property investments are long-term in nature. Such decisions should be carefully thought about before implementation. 

Dnr Casablanca is a new project in Mahadevapura Bangalore.
DNR Casablanca

With amenities and floor plans that suit every residential requirement, residents are eager than ever to partner with DNR Casablanca. The project comprises of high-rise architectural marvels ensuring stunning views of landscaped gardens surrounding the project. Mahadevapura houses some of the reputed IT tech parks that comprises of more than 30% of Bangalore’s working population. This is fantastic news for potential investors who are looking for profitable tenants for long-term gains. Before one makes a property investment, they should have a portfolio which comprises of various points that contribute to effective decision making. Lets now look at some crucial aspects that would help residents formulate a steady portfolio for profitable real estate investments.

Devise strategies to increase your earnings

Its important that residents formulate strategies that would enhance their earning power. Getting multiple educational degrees, having a steady career growth can contribute to great earning powers that will certainly come handy when a resident is keen on investing in properties.

Educate yourself- Read as much as you can about real estate investments

Be it any kind of investment, it is important that people educate themselves. As far as real estate investments are concerned, markets can fluctuate at regular intervals leading to uncertainties and risks. To avoid such unforeseen situations, it is crucial that investors read and research about real estate to have an in-depth knowledge about how things work and how crucial investments are for a profitable future.

Land Appreciation- Know about the location and its prospects

Before a property investment, it’s important that residents go to project locations and gauge overall property developments. Land growth never remains constant. Land appreciation is based on various aspects that eventually contribute to the credibility of the project. Having sound knowledge about the location and the benefits it offers can make investment decisions a lot easier.

Aim on a lower budget initially

Its always suggested that first-time property investors come up with a budget before they plan on meeting realtors for their property purchase needs. It is also suggested that residents plan on a lower budget than the proposed budget initially because the real estate is bound to develop in the years to come. Aiming exactly as the devised budget or way above it would null all the possibilities of future investment opportunities and residents may end up in a risk of getting house-poor.

Analyze current market prices and rental trends

To create a creative real estate portfolio, one has to create strategies so they could analyze current real estate price and market trends. Initially, in most of the emerging localities like Mahadevapura, the prices are quite nominal as opposed to prices in well established locations. It is crucial that residents grab on to such profitable opportunities before time runs out. Property investments are the most coveted form of investments and residents should realize this at a very early stage to avail benefits for a secured future.   

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Know About These 4 Pre-Requisites That Add Value To Your Dream Home

Property investments are sure to reap high rewards in the near future. To gather up on savings in the long run, residents are seeking out investment opportunities. People are now gradually transitioning effectively from living as tenants to first-time home owners. DNR Casablanca by DNR group is one such project that is strategically located at Mahadevapura in Bangalore. Mahadevapura has witnessed numerous realtors who have come up with fabulous residential spaces as the location is engulfed by reputed IT tech parks that increases the overall credibility of the project. This is a golden opportunity for key investors as they can find profitable clients in the near future. Price and other product deliverable are crucial for a successful investment, however, how does one add value to their property? 

Dnr casablanca is a new project in Mahadevapura Bangalore.
DNR Casablanca By DNR Group 

How do residents avail value-added services with respect to their purchase decision? One thing for sure is that residents should consider investing in emerging locations as opposed to established neighborhoods. The value added in emerging areas are considerably more when compared to locations that are already developed. Even the prices are nominal for profitable initial investments in areas that are gradually developing. Another important aspect that contributes to value for your property is a real-time experience of things. Here at DNR Casablanca, residents and investors are encouraged to come to the site for periodic visits so they can estimate overall property development from the conceptualization phase until completion. They can even experience the amenities, floor plans and design specifications before they even book units which establishes key relationships for profitable business prospects. Rest assured, residents who are willing to associate with Godrej Aqua are in for a treat.

Factors that influence overall value/credibility of the project

Boosting your home value is a pre-requisite for a fulfilling living experience. Residents should design a framework that encompasses all the aspects of a residential project that together help in increasing value associated with theproperty. Like the project location, amenities, floor plans and structural specifications, there are certain aspects that enhance or boost value of your own personal home.

Making the maximum use of the space available - Make your home appear larger and better

When a resident visits the site for the very first time to experience the floor plans and the space available, he/she analyzes the space that is available so they could utilize resources for a spacious living experience. Right here, the house they are willing to purchase empty and spacious. Residents should keep in mind that in order to give specific rooms a broader view, they would have to use as little as possible. For instance, the master bedrooms have closets under the room that occupies most of the space. As an alternative, residents can get rid of that extra stuff and plan to introduce mid-range closets that gives the room an elegant look.

Categorize your priorities - Scattered stuff can make your home look cramped

The amenities, floor plans and other benefits are external in nature. After you buya home for yourself, it’s all your doing whether you need to make the most of the space available. This brings in ways of how you can effectively categorize your priorities. For instance, everyone knows how playful children and pets are. They tend to scatter their stuff all around the house which may make the house look cramped. To avoid such situations, residents can incorporate medium-range closets to store everything that is minimal in nature. The perspective has to change to look at your space from a different angle.

Match the interiors to the exteriors

Regardless of the features available at the residential project, it is your decision to design your home based on your convenience after your move in. However, it is important to match your home décor to how the pristine exteriors. Make sure ventilation within your space is clearly given more importance which gives your home a retreat-like feeling. Incorporate a eco-friendly environment be making the windows shiny to invite birds, get rid of the excess dirt in corners and have a constant check on the wood that is utilized within the property and replace it with new furniture as you deem fit.

Considering all these factors, residents are sure to add undying value to their home which is great for a king-like living experience.   

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Feel Auspicious This Festive Season And Invest Wisely

It is a concern raised by all that when is the right time to invest in real estate properties. Bangalore has seen tremendous growth as far as property developments are concerned. For instance, DNR Casablanca by DNR group of developers is strategically located to perfection at Mahadevapura in Bangalore. Residents are looking for favorable opportunities so they can transition from living as tenants to real-time home owners. It’s that time of the year again. Festive seasons are considered auspicious for making any purchase decision. More than anything, investing during festive seasons holds its sentimental value. Occasions like weddings and inaugurations are held during festive seasons so it brings good fortune and prosperity. Residents who are willing to become first-time home owners should grab to such opportunities and invest during such joyous occasions so they can find time for their friends and loved ones. This brings about change in perceptions and perspectives and realtors can hold on to key clients and promote their respective residential projects to a whole new level.

Things to expect this festive season

Festive seasons can also be used to buy gifts for your loved ones or yourself as it would hold as savings for the future. Times like these are effectively utilized by established realtors to come up with offers and discounts in order to establish long-term relationships for future business prospects. There are huge real estate events and exhibitions held during festive seasons that brings customers, investors and builders together to have a proactive approach on making property investment decisions. Bangalore, renowned as the IT hub of the nation has attracted residents from all over the country as the city offers attractive employment opportunities in the IT sector. IT professionals are presented with bonus’s and allowances by their respective firms during this festive season, which is a great time to buy yourself a home, its about time that we realized that. DNR Casablanca Mahadevapura, an emerging location is in close proximity to reputed IT tech parks which houses more than 20% of Bangalore’s working population. Owning a home will never be the same.

Gather up and start investing- It’s now and never

Property investment is long-term in nature. Residents should make it a point to take their own time, consult with professionals, work with independent architects and then decide bases on various factors. It is also important that probable investors think and devise a final budget based on their affordability and standard of living. It is also suggested that residents plan on a property that costs lower than the proposed budget so they can plan other expenses accordingly. Festive seasons are more of a blessing than anything else. Residents are inclined towards hearing about offers and discounts so they can put their money to better use. It turns out to be more profitable when residents save up till such festive seasons and invest with all their might.

New residential projects and favorable investment conditions- Grab on to yours!

Festive seasons is a period where realtors seize on to opportunities and launch new residential projects in various emerging locations across the city. With the population increasing in major localities around Bangalore, the demand for residential spaces rises and the supply becomes stagnant on most occasions. With rising requirements and expectations, affordable homes are the only choice and it only deems fit when realtors release their unsold inventories for balancing the supply-demand ratio. Another fascinating aspect about investing in festive seasons is that reputed banks offer attractive and affordable home loan interest rates based on specific requirements.

Come, live and celebrate life this festive season with DNR Casablanca. What do they say eventually “Home is where the hear is!”

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Should Home Owners Prefer Investing In Old homes Vs. New Residential Spaces

It always is special when one plans on investing in a real estate property. This is a long-term decision and residents should always think and strategize their priorities to arrive at profitable decisions. DNR Casablanca by DNR properties is one such project that is strategically located to precision at Mahadevapura in Bangalore. Bangalore has progressed as far as property developments are concerned. The city provides impeccable employment opportunities in the IT sector and enjoys amazing climatic conditions. Considering these factors, residents are seeking out profitable investment opportunities for a bright future. There comes a time when residents are in a dilemma where they are confused whether to go for pre-existing homes or spaces that are newly constructed.

DNR Casablanca project in Mahdevapura Bangalore
DNR Casablanca

This is very crucial as investing for long-term gains has its fair share of risks as well. DNR Casablanca is close to reputed schools, colleges and medical institutions that takes care of overall connectivity and proximity benefits for fellow residents. With amenities and floor to bowl you over, DNR Casablanca Mahadevapura checks all boxes for a fulfilling living experience. Purchasing a home has its own sentimental value. It is a very special occasion when people plan on investing in a property. Residents consulting with friends and family is an important factor in buying a house as an idea of diverse perspectives can result in effective decision making. Rest assured, residents who are willing to partner with DNR Casablanca are in for a joyful ride towards a secured future!

Its often the case that newer homes in and around Bangalore are priced significantly higher that older homes that are up for sale. However, due to rise in demand because of the boom in the IT industry, realtors have come up with effective pricing strategies to make sure residents avail affordable home that are luxurious at the same time. Lets now look at some factors that contribute to great investment decisions when it comes to new homes Vs. older residential spaces.

Impeccable construction expertise

As far as older residential spaces are concerned, residents should note that these structures are persistent from quite sometime and has weathered every kind of weather condition. The architects involved in creating those spaces have incorporated traditional building aspects that holds the space for years to come. With great attention to detail, Older homes have great potential for suitable living conditions. Talking about older residential spaces, the land rates were cheap when compared to current land costs. This results in bigger yards and large open spaces contributing to eco-friendliness at the highest level. Another fascinating aspect about older homes is that the design structures are created with utmost precision and accuracy. These are tribute to traditional architectures that gives it character and a royal touch. When compared to newer residential houses, older homes are often close to renowned entertainment and medical centers so residents can go about with their everyday commute with relative ease.

Limitations in Investing in older residential architectures

However, there are drawbacks to investing or purchasing older homes. Older homes need more maintenance as compared to newly constructed living spaces. This results in more expenditure and fewer long-term benefits. The wiring and plumbing specifications in older homes are not based on the current trend. They might be old and rusted and are not in line with today’s industry standards. Therefore, replacing wires and sanitary plumbing resources would lead to extra expenses.

Brand - new residential colonies - Secure homes for a healthy future

New homes are for a fact convenient in nature. First off, it requires little maintenance as construction materials used are top-draw and architects always think ahead of what is presented to them. With modern conveniences, residents are more than eager to purchase newer residential properties because of benefits like reliability, durability and sustainability. The most interesting factor with respect to new residential spaces is that there are ways to save up on electricity. 

Real estate regulotory authority

Usage of solar panels generates electricity which definitely eco-friendly in nature. In the current scenario, there are property bylaws that should be strictly adhered to. Policies and laws by regulatory bodies like RERA (Real estate regulatory authority) promotes the property and enhances brand recognition. With increase in demand in areas surrounding DNR Casablanca Mahadevapura, prices for new residential spaces has considerably decreased to match the supply-demand ratio.

Drawbacks in investing in new residential properties

Investing new real estate properties has its own share of risks too. First off, realtors find it tough to create magnificent residential architectures and maintain the Eco-friendliness at the same time. Compromising on either one of these aspects can prove costly and can adversely affect the credibility of the residential space or the builder. Another drawback that has to be noted is that new residential spaces often are not well connected to the rest of the city. For instance, residents who plan on purchasing properties further-out from the city find it difficult to get to work on a daily basis because of lack of commute benefits. Last but not the lease, realtors constructing new architectures can never be sure about the soil and overall land condition. This would result in cracks in the foundation of the property, including continuous leakage from walls and ceilings. Builders in such cases, are often late to respond when it comes to warranty and maintenance requests raised by inhabitants.

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Overview - DNR Casablanca | Price | Review | Mahadevpura Hoodi Whitefield

DNR Casablanca Overview

DNR is an acclaimed developer that is sure to impress a home buyer with the innovative design and architecture that is employed by them. DNR Casablanca is one such mesmerizing project located at Hoodi, Whitefield. Spread over a vast expanse of lush green landscape and mind boggling architecture of iconic towers, DNR Casablanca is sure to move each and every interested buyer. DNR Casablanca at Mahadevapura, Hoodi, WHitefield is an amazing residential complex spread over a vast area with maximum area of open spaces and designed by top – notch designers from all over the world to make it a practical residence which is a treat to the eyes too. DNR Casablanca located in North East Bangalore will provide many variants of 1 BHK, 2 BHK as well as 3 BHK properties, to cater to the needs of various families, whether it may be nuclear, joint or extended families. DNR Casablanca will have a breathtaking view of the entire skyline of this city.

dnr casablanca is a beautifully designed project in Bangalore.
DNR Casablanca

DNR Casablanca Project is close to many hospitals, schools and social infrastructures such as malls, stores and theatres. The nearest railway station is the Whitefield train station which can cater to the connectivity issue of the residents of DNR Casablanca. Corporate offices of ITPB, Google, Boeing, HP, Airbus, Capgemini, etc. are located in the vicinity of DNR Casablanca. Thus the people working at these places won’t find any difficulty in travelling to their workplaces from this residen

RERA- Effect On Real Estate Price

RERA- Effect On Real Estate Price

The Real Estate sector is to get its own regulator from May 1, 2017. The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 (RERA) became effective in the entire country.

Each state and UT will have its own Regulatory Authority (RA) which will frame regulations according to the Act.

Here is what the RERA has in store for home buyers…

Check details about RERA by dnr casablanca project.

Real estate prices

The prices haven’t come down as it was expected. Huge unsold inventory, lack of new demand, demonetization amongst others has not led the builders bringing the rack rate down albeit few discounts and freebies to the customers.

The impact of RERA:

Rohit Gera, MD, Gera Developments and VP Credai - Pune Metro, says, “Before RERA, the risk of delays, quality, title, and changes were borne by the customer. These will now be borne by the developer and there will be a premium that the flat purchasers will have to pay for transferring this risk to the developer. There is no room for developers to absorb these costs and so they may be transferred on to the customers by way of the price increase.”

Delayed delivery

Untimely delivery of real estate projects has been the biggest bane for the buyers. Of late, almost all projects especially projects launched 2010-2013 have defaulted in delivery within the stipulated time primarily because funds were diverted to new projects by the builders instead of using them in completing the existing ones.

The impact of RERA:

Now, as per the RERA Act, the promoter has to maintain a ‘separate account’ for every project undertaken wherein 70 per cent of the money received from the buyers shall be deposited. Such funds can only be used for the purposes of construction and land cost.

Real estate developers will have to furnish additional information regarding the ongoing projects for the benefit of the buyers besides depositing 70% of the unused funds in a separate bank account to ensure their completion.

Ongoing projects

Developers will have to make public the original sanctioned plans and changes made later, total amount collected from allottees, money used, the original timeline for completion and the time period within which the developer will complete the project, certified by an Engineer/Architect/practicing Chartered Accountant.

Role of Regulatory Authority

Each Regulatory Authority in the state will have the responsibility to register and regulate real estate projects and real estate agents registered under this Act.

It will also be required to maintain a website for public viewing, of all real estate projects for which registration has been given.The quality of the construction has also been a matter of concern with several builders. The RERA rules provide for protection against this up to 5 years after possession.

In case any structural defect or any other defect in workmanship, quality or provision of services or any other obligations of the promoter as per the agreement for sale is brought to the notice of the promoter within a period of five years, it shall be the duty of the promoter to rectify such defects without further charge, within 30 days.What you get to see - No promoter shall advertise, market, book, sell or offer for sale, or invite persons to purchase in any manner any plot, apartment or building, as the case may be, in any real estate project or part of it, in any planning area, without registering the real estate project with the RERA established under this Act.

Each advertisement has to carry the RERA registration number.

Registration of projects

Make sure you buy a project which is registered with the RA. Once the state has its RA established, builders will be required to register their projects with it by furnishing all the information including, financial statements, a copy of legal title deed and other documents.
The builders will get a registration number project-wise i.e. tower wise.

Delayed delivery - compensation

If the promoter fails to complete or is unable to give possession of the property within the agreed timed-period, he has to return the total amount with interest at such rate as mentioned in the agreement to sell.

And, in case the buyer does not intend to withdraw from the project, he shall be paid, by the promoter, interest for every month of delay, till the handing over of the possession.
Online information

After registration with RA, the builder will be given a login-id and password to create a page on RA’s website to upload the project related information on authority’s website.

It will show quarterly up-to-date the list of number and types of apartments or plots, as the case may be, booked; quarterly up-to-date status of the project; and amongst others.

Booking Amount Currently, most builders ask for 10 percent of the total cost of the property as a booking amount.

Now as per RERA, a promoter cannot accept more than 10 percent of the cost of the property, as an advance payment or an application fee, without first entering into a registered agreement for sale.

DNR Corporation has once again come up with the unique idea of recreating the majestic beauty in Mahadevapura with a project named as DNR Casablanca Bangalore. The project DNR Casablanca Bangalore is the most awaited and sought after residential project in Bangalore. DNR Casablanca Bangalore will soon be launched in Bangalore city and will come with 2 Towers, 200 + Units of 2, 2.5, and 3 BHK apartments in various sizes. You can visit our website for more details or contact us at +91 81239 27750. We will guide you throughout. Or you can also watch the video below:

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DNR Casablanca | Price | Review | Mahadevpura Hoodi Whitefield Bangalore

DNR Casablanca- All you need to know!

DNR Casablanca is a newly launched project.
DNR Casablanca

DNR Corporation has once again come up with the unique idea of recreating the majestic beauty in Mahadevapura with a project named as DNR Casablanca. The project DNR Casablanca is the most awaited and sought after residential project in Bangalore. DNR Casablanca will soon be launched in Bangalore city and will come with 2 Towers, 200 + Units of 2, 2.5, and 3 BHK apartments in various sizes.

Also DNR Casablanca has an open space of 65% and built-up area of 30+%. The project is spread on total 2.5 Acres of land area and has 19 Floors and will be soon ready for possession by Jan 2020.

DNR Casablanca has amenities like a full-fledged Gymnasium, Swimming Pool, Club House, 24 X 7 Security, Jogging Track, Indoor Games, Car Parking, Children's play area, Landscaped Gardens, Lifts etc, for the entertainment purpose of the residents of the project.

DNR Casablanca has been designed with immense perception and elegance for you to reside with your loved ones in complete glamour. The place is situated in the perfect location and is host to one of the best scenic ambience for a serene and peaceful lifestyle. The DNR Casablanca residence is stunningly represented with beautifully designed infrastructure is sure of making a landmark appearance towards the city. At DNR Casablanca the spacious living area is perfected for a comfortable and free living that helps you to live an extra lavish lifestyle. The project from DNR Corporation assures you of providing world class amenities that make your living smooth and easy. The DNR Casablanca project is encircled by the pleasant ambience that delivers freshness and pleasant climate with unpolluted air and the sunshine. DNR Casablanca is a perfect delight providing the residence with necessary amenities as imagined of living with your loved ones. The DNR Corporation group has offered many projects; to name a few- DNR Atmosphere and DNR Springdale to suit requirements of home buyers and investors. DNR Casablanca is one of the most remarkable projects located at Mahadevapura in Bangalore with 2 BHK, 2.5 BHK and 3 BHK apartments in various varying sizes. The project DNR Casablanca is currently in an under-construction stage and the size of the apartments will range between 1,258 sq ft to 1,791 sq ft.

DNR Casablanca is a project in Mahadevapura Bangalore.
DNR Casablanca Mahadevapura

Beautifully designed DNR Casablanca project offers a wide open area to ensure free movement of light and air along with natural surroundings and green environment. Well built security system which is part of the project ensures the safety of residents at all times with administrative service just a call away. The complex provides all basic and modern facilities so as to elevate the lifestyle experience for occupants. Location of the project is nearby ITPL, Phoenix mall, and many other landmark places in its close vicinity. It is just a few kilometres to reputed schools, colleges, hospitals and medical centre present in the adjacent area.

DNR Casablanca is a well-planned society, sheltered in lush green surroundings, reputed schools, multiplexes, malls and hospitals are in close proximity, so residents don’t have to go too far to search for their day to day needs. If someone is looking for some sport and relaxation within the ambience then one will get state of the art club house it has all the leisure facilities like indoor and outdoor games, gym, spa, yoga, reflexology centre, swimming pool & meditation centre.

DNR Casablanca Specifications:-

DNR Casablanca is a world class amenities & specifications.
DNR Casablanca Amenities & Specifications


 Floors: Imported laminated wooden flooring on all the floors
 Ceiling: Plastic Emulsion for all homes
 Walls: Plastic Emulsion with Roller Finish on all the walls
 Doors: Polished Flush Shutter with Wooden Door Frame for all doors
 Windows: Double glazed; UPVC/ Aluminum Glazing (Powder coated or Anodized) for all windows


 Polished Granite counter with SS sink and CP faucet in all homes
 International Style Modular kitchen in all units
 Walls: 2' high ceramic tiles above counter, balance painted
 Doors: Polished Flush Shutter with Wooden Door Frame in all homes
 Floors: Anti skid Ceramic/Vitrified tiles in all the units
 Windows: UPVC/ Aluminum Glazing in all the units
 Ceiling: Oil Bound Distemper Paint in all the units

Living/Dining Room

 Walls: Plastic Emulsion with Roller Finish for all units
 Floors: Imported Marble in all units
 Doors: Polished Flush Shutter with Wooden Door Frame in all units
 Windows: Double glazed; UPVC/ Aluminum Glazing (Powder coated or Anodized) in all homes
 Ceiling: Plastic Emulsion in all units


 Walls: Ceramic tiles dado, rest plastic emulsion paint in all units
 Floors: Anti skid Ceramic/Vitrified tiles in all units
 Doors: Polished Flush Shutter with Wooden Door Frame in all units
 Windows: UPVC/ Aluminum (Powder coated or Anodized) window
 Ceiling: Plastic emulsion paint in all units
 Fixtures: Single lever, International Brand CP Fittings & White sanitary ware

Lift Lobbies

 Walls: Combination of one and more of stone cladding, tiles and plastic emulsion paint near all lifts
 Floors: Combination of one and more of Natural Stone & tiles near lifts
 Doors: Stainless Steel finished lift doors for all lifts
 Ceilings: Plastic emulsion paint
 Others: Marble/Granite counter Air-conditioned ground floor lobby


 Ceiling: Oil Bound Distemper Paint
 Floors: Kota Stone/ Precast tiles
 Doors: Steel fire doors/fire resistant shutter
 Walls: Oil Bound Distemper Paint

External Façade

 Walls: Combination of one and more of stone cladding, plaster with exterior grade paint, glazing’s
 Railings: Glass Balcony Railings

Servant/Utility Room

 Walls: Oil bound distemper
 Floors: Ceramic/ Vitrified tiles
 Windows: UPVC/ Aluminum Glazing (Powder coated or Anodized)
 Doors: Painted Flush Shutter with Wooden Door Frame
 Ceilings: Oil Bound Distemper Paint

Balcony/Utility Balcony

 Floors: Anti-skid Ceramic/Vitrified tiles
 Walls: Durable exterior paint

Electrical Equipment

 VRV/VRF air-conditioning system for Living, Dining & Bedrooms
 Three tier security system
 High-speed elevators with Stainless steel lift car interiors
 100 % power back up round the clock with suitable diversity and load factor

Fire Safety

 Automatic Sprinkler System
 Wet riser
 Fire Detection & amp
 Alarm System


 Round the clock treated water supply

You can have a look at the Floor Plan and Master Plan.

DNR Casablanca Location:

DNR Casablanca location is in Mahadevapura, which is not only adjacent to HP office but is also near to the Phoenix market city. Also, the project is only 200 meters from ORR and at a close distance of 1.5 kms and you will also find EMC Corporation, Bagmane Tech Park 2, Wells Fargo and Samsung.

The area Mahadevapura is a fast developing area, located in the eastern part of Bangalore. This area is located 23 Kilometers towards South from District head quarters and 13.1 Kilometers away from Bangalore city via Old Madras Road. The locality has high growth potential in terms of residential development. Over a period of time, it has grown manifold to become one of the famous industrial areas of Bangalore and is changing from a sleepy village to a bustling locality.

With the establishment of International Tech Park in 1996, Mahadevapura started witnessing quick transformation and today it has become a destination for not only IT professionals but also for people from all over the country. The areas like Dodda Nekkundi Industrial Estate and Hale Devasandra come under the Municipal Council. It is close to well- known IT firms like Tesco, HCL, IBM, TCS, Society General, SAP, GE, etc.


The locality offers excellent and an exceptional connectivity to Marathahalli which is 5.6 kilometres, Indira Nagar at 8.1 kilometres, ITPL at 8.4 kilometres, Whitefield at 11.2 kilometres, Commercial Street at 10.9 kilometres, and Sarjapur. The area is well connected with Outer Ring Road and Road.
Bypannahalli metro station is located at a close distance of 3 kilometres from Mahadevpura area. There is no railway station near to Mahadevapura in less than 10 kilometres range. Chamarajapuram railway station which is close to Mysore and the Junction railway station is the only railway stations reachable from close by towns.

About the Builder


DNR Corporation is a Bangalore-based infrastructure company with numerous on-going properties. TheA top management team is a group of key people from the industry namely Ritesh Kumat, Anand Surana and Vipul Kumat. Their aim is to use and follow the best standards in quality and construction material. The range includes luxury homes to mid-segment housing societies and commercial spaces. It has been evolving over the year with the modern ways and techniques. To name a few recent projects are DNR Casablanca, DNR Atmosphere, DNR Springdale in parts of Mahadevapura, Badavala Nagar, Ramagondanahalli. The Group aims to create homes with international standard quality and concept based designs.

How to Build a Strong Portfolio Before Buying a Home at DNR Casablanca

Bangalore, over the years has encouraged realtors to come up with their respective projects for obvious reasons. The city enjoys great we...